The Grinnigogs have played for many Handfastings over the years. Thier unique music played on Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Hammer Dulcimer and percussion add tremendous atmosphere, sense of occasion and magic to any Handfasting or partnership blessing.

The term Handfasting is a historical term for “betrothal” or “wedding”. In the Early Modern history of Scotland (16th and 17th centuries), especially in the Hebrides, the term could also refer to a temporary marriage. Handfastings are now widely used by modern pagans as an alternative to a church or civil wedding.

Some pictures of Philip and Hilary’s Handfasting held in an Orchard in Hull.

We can play whilst as a part of the ceremony, as your guests feast. We also offer a bespoke music service if you have some special musical requests, supply additional entertainment and call for dancing or even provide a full on medieval rave band in the form of Celtarabia 

‘We cannot thankyou you all enough for yesterday. You were truly amazing we loved the music, dancing and tarot readings. My son is still talking non stop about the magic tricks you taught him. It was all, just fantastic. Thankyou so much xx’ Catherine James

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Medieval Minstrels at The Barden Bunk Barn

We played an amazing wedding celebration at the the venue and surroundings are superb the Bedern Bunk House was used as a  large room for the feasting, dancing and merry making – the evening finished with a torch lit circle dance under the stars in the moonlit shadows of the abbey – perfect.

So if you are planning a medieval event at The Barden Bunk Barn and need to book medieval entertainment? The Grinnigogs are medieval minstrels experienced in providing music and entertainment at medieval banquets, weddings, handfastings, parties, themed evenings  and corporate events.

The Grinnigogs specialise in the performance of Medieval and Tudor and music.The Grinnigogs Minstrels have surprised, delighted and entertained audiences all over the world. Playing exciting, uplifting and sensual music on a diverse range of instruments using a variety of medieval instruments like Hammer Dulcimer, Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Shawms, Percussion, Violin and Cittern – they can perform as soloists, as a duo or as a band with up to seven virtuoso musicians.

The Grinnigogs also offer medieval story-tellers, jesters, jugglers, magicians, stilt-walkers and fortune tellers to add theatricality and spectacle to any event.

The Grinnigogs work from a fixed spot or as strolling players and can perform acoustically or with amplification.

The Grinnigogs have achieved National and International acclaim having appeared at many prestigious British Arts festivals. They have toured Japan, Eastern Europe, Belgium, Holland and Germany. They offer  music for all kinds of events, and are hugely popular for weddings, street performances, historical sites, corporate themed parties and complete banquet entertainment.

To contact The Grinnigogs call now 07877434739 or 07737494255 or email grinnigogs@btinternet.com