Medieval party at the Royal Armouries in Leeds

Chris our violinist managed to grab a little video of us playing for the guests dancing at the Leeds Armouries Museum on saturday night. This is a tune called Horses Branle and it has a great for dance. To book The Grinnigogs for your event call 07877434739.

Here’s what Russell had to say about us after we played at his wife’s 60th birthday at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on saturday night:

‘Good morning Quentin, 
Thank you to you and the Grinnigogs for a great evening on Saturday at the Royal Armouries. You all worked very hard to get everyone up and dancing medieval style, and we have had great feedback from our friends and family about the party.

Please thank everyone in the group on our behalf, the Grinnigogs performance and personal attention to getting it just right for our celebration was much appreciated.

With best regards, Russell’.

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