Medieval Jesters at Beverley Minster Agincourt 600 Feast

Many thanks to Richard and Mickey our Jesters for their japes and diversions throughout the evening, Amanda Lowe for her tall stories and dance calling, the men at Arms for the medieval sword play, the Atom Brewery for the wonderful ale and of course the inimitable Grinnigogs Band for their music.

Here’s what Helen Watson the event organiser had to say about the event:

‘The Grinnigogs are unbelievable!  It is one of the best nights entertainment I have experienced for such a long time.  The story telling lady was amazing, the musicians were fantastic within the beautiful setting of the Minster, the jesters and stilt walkers were spellbinding.  It was a wonderful; evening that I will never forget.  Thank you to all the Grinnigogs, jesters and stilt-walkers that made it happen.

The rest of the weekend worked well too and I  think a lot of people learnt more about Agincourt and mediaeval times in Beverley.

Please keep me posted of any other events you are at locally as my friends and I would come along, we loved it all , especially the dancing!’

Kind regards


Helen Watson, FILCM

Town Clerk

Beverley Town Council