Historical Storytelling for schools

Storytelling improves children’s listening skills, their concentration and their imagination.

Invite a storyteller into your school and see the difference they can make.

Mandi Budworth brings stories to life in her unique theatrical way, myths & legends, heroes and villains, old and new, stories to suit every setting, age group and curriculum.

Mandi can hold audiences spell-bound with stories that are funny, thought-provoking, participatory, can be scary, and all are entertaining.

Special one-day themes include:
• Stories from the heart – stories around the theme of the heart
• Costumed-character storytelling tales from: Victorian/Elizabethan England, Greek myths and legends, WW2 stories and songs.
• Stories from around the world
• Traditional stories and songs for KS1 and reception
• Starting a new project? Start it off with some inspiring stories.

Story workshops for KS2:
How to write stories – How to bring a story to life – What makes a good story?