Photos From Hull Victorian Festival Of Christmas

The Hull Victorian Christmas 2014 event was a huge success. Numbers will be announced next week, but we think we can safely say last year’s numbers were beaten! The weather was exceptionally mild and we had a ball playing Victorian street music for the large crowds. With Hurdy-Gurdy, English Bagpipes, Cittern, Hammer Dulcimer and Violin we played a great selection of Christmas tunes – to an appreciative family audience drawing large crows and entertaining them with fine music and great banter. You can see some photos of the event below. I need to say a big thankyou to Bryony Booth for taking them and allowing us to use them.

We also got to meet local BBC news anchorman and TV presenter Peter Levy!

Here’s what the Annika the event organiser had to say about our work “thank you very much for taking part and doing such a wonderful job, you were fantastic and really added a wonderful atmosphere to the day!”