Medieval Christmas Music

The Grinnigogs

The Grinnigogs bring a wonderful Medieval  flavour to any Christmas event – not only are they amazing musicians, but they are marvelous entertainers, with their love of tall tales, amusing anecdotes and comic verse.

Dressed in full medieval costume and playing Hurdy-Gurdy and Hammer Dulcimer (and on occasions, Medieval bagpipes and shawms!), The Grinnigogs play a cornucopia of popular Christmas tunes from the Middle Ages to add a touch of seasonal sparkle.

The Grinnigogs can perform indoors or outdoors, solo or together, from a fixed spot, or wandering, and if you would like to add more performers, storytellers, fortune tellers, or any other street entertainment to your event, all you have to do is ask, we have been entertaining for over 20 years and have many unusual contacts!

The Grinnigogs repertoire includes many medieval christmas favourites including:

Gaudete (Sweden, 16th century)
Green growth the holly (King Henry VIII, c. 1520)

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