Folk dance and song for schools

The Grinnigogs champion active participation in all kinds of traditional folk music, song and dance activities in primary schools. We offer Morris Dancing, Barn dancing, Dance and Action Songs and Maypole Dancing. All Grinnigogs Folk Dance activities come with a free music CD and teacher’s notes so you can carry on dancing after the event.
Your pupils can learn and experience the thrill of Morris Dancing: the steps, figures and stick clashing, all accompanied by live music. Morris Dancing is great for all pupils, but particularly getting older boys into dance activities. We think it’s all about the sticks, bells and leaping about. KS2.

Your children will learn and experience the basics of country dancing. This workshop focuses on active participation and helps to develop team working, co-ordination and teaches the children to enjoy social dance activities – Barn Dances and Ceilidhs. Once the pupils get over the horror of girls holding hands with boys, they love it! KS2

Developed for young children or older children with English as a second language, this workshop features simple dances and songs with actions. This workshop is designed to develop concentration, co-ordination and oracy.

This workshop focuses on teaching some traditional weaving figures. We use our own portable maypole or can work with school or community maypoles to create eye-catching performances. We can work with KS2 children or work with teachers to support regular dancing within the school timetable.

To book The Grinnigogs for your school, or to find out more about us, contact us
Tel: 07877434739 or email: The Grinnigogs have enhanced CRB certificates and hold relevant public liability insurance.

PS. We also have a great barn dance band for school parties and PTFA events.